How to activate a tracker by purchasing a service plan

Once you have received your new Tractive GPS tracker, you can activate it by purchasing a Tractive service plan. Read more about Service Plans here.

Note: If you already have an existing service plan and would like to activate a new tracker under the old service plan, click here.

Activation is possible in both the Tractive GPS app on your smartphone or tablet, or in a browser in the Tractive webapp. Below you will find the instructions to activate your tracker in the webapp:

In the Webapp

Follow the steps below to activate your tracker. First, go to
Log-in to your Tractive account. Select "Activate a Tracker" and enter your tracker ID (8-character code on the back of your device) and hit "Next":
Select your country of residence, then select "Advanced" :
Select the desired plan and click "Next"
*Please note that Premium service is not available with monthly payment intervals.
Select your desired payment interval and hit "Next":
Confirm the order and follow the rest of the instructions to complete payment and activation.
Once the process has been successfully completed, you will see the tracker in your app and can add your pet details to the tracker.
Happy Tracking!

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