How can I share my Dog Walk with friends?

In the Tractive Dog Walk app, you can share your daily dog walk in real time with your friends. Follow this step-by-step guide to use the Dog Walk sharing feature.


How does it work? 

To use the sharing feature, start and record a new walk with the Dog Walk app. After you hit the Start button you can press the Share option at the upper right screen:




In case the accuracy of your phone's GPS sensor is too low to accurately get a GPS position, you will see the following message pop up on your screen:



Once your phone has received a proper GPS signal, you can select the app through which you'd like to share the walk:



Once shared, your friends will receive a link where they can view your Dog Walk in real time. They'll see your path and any photos you take or share along the way!

Your friends don't have to download the app or even have a Tractive account. Simply share the link with them.

We've created a new website just for visualizing your Live Walk. That also means that you don't have to send out invites which have to be accepted.

All you need to do is share the private link with the people you'd like to share the walk with. You can share it with any service you have installed on your smartphone (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, ...)


Location sharing and privacy concerns

The sharing feature will only send data to our networks when you decide to activate it. In addition, the link you'll receive is a private link. Only you and the people you share it with will have access to it. The link cannot be found via Google or any other search engine and has a secret id which cannot be guessed by another person.


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