Is it possible to transfer the service plan to another device?

Yes, under certain circumstances it is possible to transfer the active service of one tracker to another tracker.


How does it work?

Once you have received your new device, please follow the steps in order to transfer the service to the new device.
Please do not attempt to 'activate' the new device, as this will result in unnecessary charges.


  • Open your Service Settings under
  • You will now see a link named "Transfer service to a new device" next to the Tracker you want to exchange
  • With a click on it, a new window will appear and there you can enter the Tracker-ID of your new device
  • After the successful transfer please re-log into your account
  • Now the new Tracker should be assigned to your account 


Eligible devices for transferring the service plan

  • Tractive Care replacements
  • Purchased replacements because of a lost device
  • Tractive GPS device upgrade offers

Due to fraud prevention, the existing tracker has to be manually enabled by the Tractive Customer Service team. If you would like to transfer the service, please contact us by clicking the button below.