How can I transfer my subscription plan to a new tracker?

Under special circumstances, it is possible to transfer an existing Tractive GPS subscription plan from one tracker to another. This is possible in the following situations:

  • The tracker was lost.
  • The tracker was damaged.
  • The tracker was stolen.
  • You recently upgraded to a new device.
  • Your tracker was replaced under warranty.

If you recently replaced your Tractive GPS Tracker for any of the reasons above, and would like to start using the new device under the existing subscription plan, simply click the button below to transfer the subscription plan.

Note: Please do not attempt to activate the new device, as this will result in unnecessary charges.

Transfer my Tractive GPS subscription plan now

Once you have made the transfer, you may need to log out of the app and back in again in order to see the new tracker in your account.

For further questions or assistance regarding the transfer of subscription plan process, contact Tractive Customer Service by submitting a request. Please include the old tracker ID and new tracker ID in your request.

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