How can I transfer my subscription plan to a new tracker?

If your Tractive GPS Tracker has been lost, damaged, stolen or confirmed defective by Tractive Customer Service, or in case you'd simply like to upgrade to a new GPS tracker,  then it is possible to transfer your existing subscription plan from an old tracker to a new Tractive GPS device. You can do this yourself in the Tractive GPS web app at
Simply follow the steps below to do so:
  1. Click here and sign into your Tractive GPS account.
  2. Click on Settings > Trackers & Subscription Plans.
  3. Choose the desired tracker, then click Subscription Plan.
  4. Click on More Actions and Transfer Subscription Plan.
  5. A new window will appear and there you can enter the tracker ID of your new device. 
  6. After the successful transfer please re-log into your account. You should now see the new tracker under your account.

For further questions or assistance in the transfer of subscription plan process, contact Tractive Customer Service by submitting a request. Please include the old tracker ID and new tracker ID in your request.

Note: Please do not attempt to activate the new device, as this will result in unnecessary charges.

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