Can I transfer my subscription plan to a new tracker?

Yes; under certain circumstances, it is possible. Follow the steps below in order to transfer an existing subscription plan to a new device:

Note: Please do not attempt to activate the new device, as this will result in unnecessary charges.

  • Open your Account Settings and view your subscription plans at
  • Click on More Actions and Transfer Subscription Plan.
  • With a click on it, a new window will appear and there you can enter the tracker ID of your new device
  • After the successful transfer please re-log into your account
  • Now the new tracker should be assigned to your account 


Eligible devices for transferring the subscription plan

  • Tractive Care replacements
  • Purchased replacements because of a lost/damaged device
  • Tractive GPS device upgrades

For further questions or assistance in the transfer of subscription plan process, contact Tractive Customer Service by submitting a request. Please include the old tracker ID and new tracker ID in your request.

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