Troubleshooting: I'm having trouble with notifications.

Are you having trouble receiving notifications or experiencing a notification delay? Take the steps below to ensure that you will receive notifications when you need them.

Check if notifications are enabled in the Tractive GPS app

There are two ways to check to see if you have notifications enabled within the Tractive GPS app. 

In the mobile app:

  1. Open the Tractive GPS mobile app and sign in if necessary.
  2. Tap Account
  3. Tap Settings
  4. Select Mobile App Notifications
  5. You can now enable the mobile app (push) notifications that you would like to receive.

In the web app:

  1. Sign into the Tractive GPS web app at
  2. Click on Manage your Account
  3. Click on General Settings
  4. At the bottom of the page, you can now ensure that the desired notifications are enabled.


Check your iOS/Android System Notification Settings for the Tractive GPS app

Notifications for any app can be blocked by the iOS or Android system notification settings of your smartphone or tablet. To ensure Tractive GPS notifications will be allowed on your phone or tablet, follow the steps below.

On an iOS/Apple device:

  1. Open the Settings on your Apple/iOS device.
  2. Select Tractive GPS
  3. Select Notifications
  4. You can now ensure that Tractive GPS notifications are allowed on your iPhone or iPad:

IMG_9156D005CEDA-1.jpeg IMG_9156D005CEDA-2.jpeg

On an Android device:

  1. Open the device Settings on your Android smartphone or tablet.
  2. Scroll down until you see a button to open the Notification settings. This looks different on different devices. 
  3. Find the App Notifications settings. There you should see all of your installed apps and can enable or disable their notifications.
  4. Make sure the Tractive GPS app notifications are enabled/allowed.

 Screenshot_2018-08-24-09-59-28.jpg     Screenshot_2018-08-24-09-59-42.jpg     Screenshot_2018-08-24-10-00-11.jpg     Screenshot_2018-08-24-10-00-18.jpg


Check your phone's battery-saving settings

Some smartphone offer special battery-saving modes which can prevent Tractive GPS notifications from being displayed on your phone. This might be referred to as Battery Optimization, Adaptive Battery, Battery Saver, or Power Saving on your smartphone.

Open the Battery Settings of your phone to ensure that Tractive GPS notifications will not be blocked. Since power-saving mode (or the equivalent) on your smartphone can limit the notifications you receive, please be sure to switch off power-saving mode in order to receive all Tractive GPS notifications. 


Ensure that notifications are not being blocked by a third-party app

In some cases, third party apps, such as Clean Master or Security Master, may be blocking Tractive GPS notifications. If you have these apps installed on your phone, visit the app's notification settings or tools menu to ensure that Tractive GPS notifications are not blocked.


Test push notifications

Test to see if the push notifications are working on your phone by following the steps below:

  1. Open the Tractive GPS mobile app and sign in.
  2. Select Account > Settings > Test Notifications.
  3. If the test was successful, you will see a confirmation of this and notifications should now be working.


Check GPS and network connection

  • Ensure that your phone, tablet, or computer has an active internet connection.
  • Ensure that your Tractive GPS tracker has a good GPS and network connection. You can check this by holding the power button for one second and viewing the LED status of the device.


Reset Virtual Fence

Delete the existing Virtual Fence and create a new one, or re-position the placement of the existing Virtual Fence.


Check Virtual Fence settings

Ensure that the Virtual Fences are set up in the correct location and that they are not overlapping each other as this could lead to less accurate notifications: 

image__6_.jpg     image__5_.jpg


Additional tips for Android users

Some Android devices may block Tractive from sending mobile notifications. If you are using one of the following devices, please follow the steps here to ensure that you can receive Tractive GPS notifications (being sure to modify the settings for the Tractive app, rather than Slack): Asus Zenfone, Asus Zenfone 2, Huawei Honor 6, Huawei Honor 8, Huawei P8 lite, Huawei Mate 8 & Huawei Nova Plus, Huawei P20 & P30, LeEco/LeTV, Lenovo, OnePlus, OnePlus 3, OPPO, Samsung, Xiaomi

If none of these tips could help you, please contact the Customer Service team for further support.

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