I am not receiving notifications.

Not receiving notifications? First, check your notification settings at my.tractive.com or read here for information on how to enable and test push notifications: Which notifications are available in the Tractive GPS app?
 If you are still not receiving notifications, the following is a list of reasons why this may occur:
  • Notifications from Tractive GPS are not enabled in your phone's settings. Check your phone settings to make sure notifications from the Tractive GPS are allowed.
  • Your virtual fence may be active in the wrong location. Double check that your Virtual Fence is correctly set up.
  • You may have no internet on your smartphone/tablet. Check your internet connection.
  • You misspelled the e-mail address for receiving notifications (only for e-mail notifications). Check your email address in your Account Settings at my.tractive.com

If none of these tips could help you, please contact the customer service team.

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