I’m not receiving push notifications on my phone - what can I do?

Note: If you are receiving false virtual fence notifications, please follow the tips in this article to learn how to resolve this issue. 

If you aren’t receiving push notifications on your cell phone, this could be because:

  • the tracker itself is not sending notifications, or
  • something is not configured correctly in your cell phone settings.

Let's find out where the issue lies so we can get this resolved for you.



Step 1: Check if the tracker is sending notifications

  • Log in to your account at my.tractive.com and go to Manage your Account → General Settings.
  • Tick the options Entering Virtual Fence and Leaving Virtual Fence under Email (as shown below) and then click Save. Please also make sure that the corresponding options are active for the Mobile App.
  • If necessary, set up a Virtual Fence (Safe Zone or No-Go Zone). Please ensure that you do not have any overlapping virtual fences.
  • Take a short walk with your tracker in your hand and LIVE tracking active. Please leave and re-enter the virtual fence during this walk.





Were you notified that your pet left and re-entered the virtual fence?


📧📱 I received a notification on both my cell phone and via email

Great! The tracker is sending notifications and your phone is receiving them correctly. If you're only receiving notifications occasionally, please contact Tractive Customer Service and provide us with some example timeframes of missing notifications so that we can analyze the data from these periods and find a solution.

📧 I received a notification via email only

Go to Step 2

I did not receive a notification at all

Go to Step 3



Step 2: Check your cell phone settings


As you are receiving notifications via email, but not on your cell phone, there's likely something blocking your notifications in your phone settings. Please follow the steps below to resolve this:


Still not receiving push notifications? No worries - we’re here to help.



Step 3: Contact Tractive


Following your test walk, leave your tracker turned on and contact Tractive Customer Service with the following information:


Contact Tractive

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