I'm having trouble with notifications.

Are you having trouble receiving notifications or experiencing a notification delay? Take the steps below to ensure that you will receive notifications when you need them.

Troubleshooting Tips

Check your Tractive GPS Notification Settings:

  1. Visit my.tractive.com/#/notifications to enable the desired notifications.
  2. One the same page, ensure that your email address is correctly spelled. Screenshot_2018-08-24_at_1_34_49_PM.jpg


Test Push Notifications:

Test to see if the push notifications are working on your phone by following the steps below:

  • Open the Tractive GPS mobile app and sign in.
  • Select More > Settings
  • Under Test Notifications, press the Test button.
  • If the test was successful, you will see a confirmation of this and notifications should now be working.


Enable Tractive GPS Notification on your Smartphone:

If the test was not successful, visit your phone's settings to ensure that notifications from the Tractive GPS app are allowed: Screenshot_2018-08-24-09-59-28.jpg     Screenshot_2018-08-24-09-59-42.jpg     Screenshot_2018-08-24-10-00-11.jpg     Screenshot_2018-08-24-10-00-18.jpg


Check GPS and Network Connection:

  • Ensure that your phone, tablet, or computer has an active internet connection.
  • Ensure that your Tractive GPS Tracker has a good GPS and network connection. You can check this by holding the power button for one second and viewing the LED status of the device.

For issues with Virtual Fence notifications:


Check Virtual Fence Settings:

  • Ensure that the Virtual Fences are set up in the correct location and that they are not overlapping each other as this could lead to less accurate notifications: 

image__6_.jpg     image__5_.jpg


If none of these tips could help you, please contact the customer service team for further support.

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