Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is a new technology which allows a live view of a real-world environment to be superimposed on to the user's view of your device. In the case of the Tractive GPS Tracker, it offers you a whole new way to find your pet.

How to enable the Augmented Reality feature:


  • Select Map, then tap the gear icon in the bottom right-hand corner to open the Map Settings.


  • Enable the option Show Augmented Reality



  • In the Map tab of the Tractive GPS mobile app, tap the AR button (right of the Map button).


How to use the Augmented Reality feature:

  • Back in the Map view, click on the 3D button to activate the Augmented Reality view.


  • Now you’re able to move with your smartphone. With a view through your camera, it is possible to look at everything in your surroundings from every angle.
  • To see where your dog or cat is heading you’ll see a pin as an overlay with the approximate distance you need to cover to reach your pet.


A note on location accuracy:

The augmented reality feature uses the GPS location of your smartphone and compares it to that of your tracker.

This can cause some deviations when the GPS tracker is in the immediate surroundings of your smartphone. The possibility of GPS inaccuracy in both devices and the combination thereof can lead to a distance representation that is larger than the actual distance.

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