What can I do if my GPS Tracker is not charging?

Once your Tractive GPS Tracker is connected to a power source the red LED light will turn on.
The red light will disappear once the device is fully charged. (Approximately 2 hours)

There are a few things you can check to see if it is your AC power adapter or your Tracker is causing the charging problems.

General Troubleshooting:

  • Check your charging cable for damages. There should be now loose wires
  • Use your charging cable with an another AC adapter
    You can use every AC power adapter that has an USB plug
  • Try charging your Tracker with an USB Plug on your PC or Mac

The following Troubleshooting is Tracker specific. Please select the appropriate Tracker:

  • Please check if the golden contacts on your Tractive GPS Tracker are cleaned.
    If there is dirt or mud on it, that could be a reason why the charging is not possible.
    You can clean the contacts with rinse water and use a tooth brush for persistent mud.


  • Check the four (4) pins of the charging clamp for damages. Are there any missing or twisted pins?
  • Make sure that the pins are correctly placed on the Tracker


  • Please check if the silver contacts on your Tractive GPS 2 Tracker are cleaned.
    If there is dirt or mud on it charging may not be possible.
    You can clean the contacts with rinse water and use a tooth brush for persistent mud.
  • Check the two (2) pins of the charging cable for damages
    Are there missing or twisted pins?

To avoid damages to the pins of your Tractive GPS 2 charger follow the instructions below carefully:

To safely remove the Tractive GPS 2 from the charger, follow these steps:
Push on the tracker always on the picture shown point, not on the opposite side, where the cable is. Otherwise the charging pins could be damaged.​​​​
Push the tracker with your thumb out of the charger like in the picture above. With your other fingers your can hold the edge of the charger, to get it out easier.
If you want to charge the tracker now, follow these steps:
Put your tracker into the charger showing to the charging pins first.
Then press on the device from the opposite side (like in the picture above, NOT on the side of the charging pins) to put it into the charger. Only this way guarantees, that the charging pins don't get overloaded or broken.

Please contact our Customer Service Team if you still have difficulties charging your GPS Tracker.