Direction to Tracker

Using the direction to tracker feature, a small arrow can be displayed on the map which will point you in the direction of your pet. This way, you know which direction you need to go in order to retrieve your pet!

To enable the direction to tracker feature:

  1. Sign into the Tractive GPS mobile app.
  2. Select Map, then tap the gear icon in the bottom right-hand corner to open the Map Settings.
  3. Enable the option Direction to Tracker (Please update the app if you do not see this option).
  4. Return to the Map view and you should now see an arrow pointing you in the direction of your pet.

Note: Direction to Tracker is only available in the Tractive GPS mobile app. To use this feature, make sure that the GPS location function of your smartphone is enabled.


How does it work?

Once the direction to tracker widget and GPS location settings have been enabled, a new arrow will appear on the bottom left corner of the map display. There, you will see an arrow which points in the direction of your pet.

Underneath it, the approximate distance to your pet and the GPS tracker is displayed, like so:


No matter which way you turn your phone or the map, it will always point you in the direction of your pet. This way, you can use this feature to know in which direction you need to run to find your pet! 

See the following photos for an example of this feature:


If you are unable to get the feature to work for any reason, please be sure to follow the steps above carefully; if that still doesn't work you can contact the Tractive Customer Service team for assistance.

Please note: due to normal GPS inaccuracy on both your smartphone and the Tractive GPS, this feature is best used when you are a significant distance from your pet. When at a very close distance, the direction to tracker feature may be inaccurate due to technical limitations.

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