What is the difference between Live Tracking and the Default mode?

Your Tractive GPS Tracker has two different modes you can use. 

  • Default Mode
  • Live Mode

The Default Mode

You can see the Default Mode of your Tractive GPS Tracker when your smartphone is on standby. It is turned on, ready to receive and transmit data, but saving battery for more complex processes and tasks.

The Tracker runs in Default Mode from the minute you turn it on. During that time it is transmitting location data every 2-60 minutes. The exact time frame depends on the movement of your pet. An internal accelerometer measures its activity and movements. The more your pet moves, the shorter the intervals between the location updates.

Despite the shorter update periods your Tracker is constantly checking whether the Safe Zone is breached or not. If your pet leaves the Safe Zone, you will receive an immediate notification on your smartphone.

»Click here if you need help setting up your Safe Zone(s)«

The Live Mode

As mentioned before, your Tracker is ready to receive and transmit data while it is on.
You can send a Live Tracking command from your Smartphone or from our Website to your device.

Once the Live Mode command is processed on your GPS Tracker, the device will update its location every 4 seconds. 


The Live Mode is automatically disabled after 15 minutes of use or in the case that cellular reception is lost.

Why is my Tractive GPS Tracker not continuously running in Live Mode?

The most energy consuming process is transmitting the location data via the cellular networks to the Tractive infrastructure.
The Default Mode saves battery life because the data is only transmitted every 2-60 minutes compared to Live Mode.

We restrict the Live Mode to 15 minutes in order to conserve battery life and to keep the battery from draining too quickly.

The restriction of the Live Mode and the implementation of the Default Mode results in a longer battery lifetime of 2-5 days. The battery would be empty within less than 8 hours if it was running in Live Mode all the time.