Check your GPS Status - Global Positioning System

Are you having trouble viewing your pet's position in the app? If so, you may want to check the GPS status of your device! Read on for more information.


Check the GPS Status of your Tracker via the LED Light

Turn the device on. Then, by pressing the power button for one second, the GSM & GPS status of the device will be shown to you by two consecutive blinking colored lights:

  • FIRST BLINK: When it is green, it means that there is a GSM connection to the Tractive server. In case it is red, there is no GSM connection.
  • SECOND BLINK: If the second blink is green, there is GPS available, if it is red, there is no GPS available.


GPS States and their Meaning in the Tractive GPS App

Additionally if the tracker is having difficulties getting an accurate GPS signal, a yellow status will be displayed in the app and webapp.


Inaccurate Position

You will see the yellow status whenever your device receives GPS data which is not very accurate. This occurs when the device is not getting a GPS signal and uses another, less accurate location method known as cellular triangulation, to locate itself via mobile networks. This can result in position reports with an accuracy of up to 500 meters.



As soon as a GPS connection can be established again, your tracker will automatically switch to the more accurate method of GPS locating and your pet's position will be updated.


Position update

Every time you start the app, your tracker will send a new location update. Until the location data is transmitted, you will see the status "Updating Position..."



Inaccurate status during LIVE Tracking

The yellow status representing inaccurate positioning can also be visible during LIVE Tracking.

After the LIVE Tracking command was successfully sent, your tracker will search for a more accurate GPS signal:


Once your Tractive GPS tracker has found a more accurate GPS signal, your app will display the LIVE path of your pet on the map. As long as the GPS signal is not entirely accurate, the yellow badge will still be visible.


Several Reasons for no GPS Signal

The tracker may be experiencing GPS interference if:

  • it is in a heavily wooded area
  • it is inside of a building or your home
  • weather patterns are disrupting the signal

Additionally, there may be some times when fewer than 4 GPS satellites are in reach, or an internal device defect could be preventing your tracker from making a GPS connection.


What should I do, if the tracker has no GPS signal?

If your tracker is not able to get an accurate GPS signal:

  1. Go outside or in an area with a clear line of sight to the sky and test it again.
  2. Start LIVE Tracking.
  3. Perform a reset of your device
  4. Wait. It could be a interference issue that will correct itself in a few minutes.

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