Why is my GPS Tracker reporting an inaccurate location?

Your Tracker will show the yellow status when it is having difficulties getting an accurate GPS signal.

Please have a look at the following article to get further information about poor GPS signals and positioning:

Poor GPS Data - Why and how to prevent it


In addition to the yellow status field there will be a yellow_status_15.png yellow exclamation mark at the bottom of your screen.
You'll receive additional information when selecting that button.

Inaccurate Positions:

You will see the yellow status whenever your device receives GPS data with a low accuracy.
When the device is not receiving any GPS data it is triangulating the position via the cell networks. (This is resulting in accuracy reports up to 500m)


When you look at the details (yellow_status_15.png) you will be shown the current accuracy and the last valid position with a proper accuracy.

Position update:

When you start the app your Tracker will send a new location update. Until the location is transmitted you will see "Updating position ..."


In case that the previous location update was inaccurate you will see the yellow banner.

Inaccurate states during Live Tracking:

The yellow status representing inaccurate positioning can also be visible during Live Tracking.

This is how it looks like when you start a Live Tracking session with recent inaccurate results:


After the Live Tracking command was successfully sent your Tracker will be searching for a more accurate GPS signal:


Once your Tractive GPS Tracker has found a more accurate GPS signal your app will start painting the track on the map. As long as the GPS signal is not entirely accurate, the yellow badge will still be visible.



We hope this article helped to explain the reasoning behind inaccurate locations!