Troubleshooting: My tracker has no GPS connection.

By pressing the power button on the Tractive GPS for one second, the GPS and network status of the device will be shown to you by two consecutive blinking lights. When the second blinking light is red, this indicates that there is no GPS connection.

Keep in mind, when there is no GPS connection, this may be caused by temporary GPS interference and the issue may resolve itself as soon as the GPS signal is available again. 


Several reasons why the tracker might lose GPS connection:

  • it is inside of a building or your home
  • it is in a heavily wooded area
  • weather patterns are disrupting the signal
  • there are fewer than 4 GPS satellites are within reach 
  • the tracker has been damaged (Activate Tractive Care)


What can I do if my tracker has no GPS connection?

If your tracker is not able to get a GPS signal, try the following:

  1. Go outside or in an area with a clear line of sight to the sky and test it again. The Tractive GPS works best under a clear line of sight.
  2. Turn your tracker off and on again.
  3. Close the app and open it again.

If none of these suggestions help, contact Tractive for more options. 

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