Different application states and their meanings

Please have a look at our troubleshooting guides in case you are experiencing red or yellow In-App states:

red_status.png My GPS Tracker is not connecting - What can I do?
yellow_status.png Why is my GPS Tracker reporting an inaccurate location? 


App states explained:

The following state can be visible when you you're starting your app.
We want you to have a recent location update and an idea where your pet is right now after starting the app. This is why we try to get a a new location update. If the location needs more time to be fetched you will see the following update:


Once a GPS location is determined with a proper accuracy you will see both the location on the map and the nearest address in the status bar.
The address is calculated by Google or Apple. (We cannot guarantee that it is 100% accurate.)


When you select the Live Tracking button, the Tracker will receive the command via the cell networks. Sometimes, this can take a few moments and until it is activated, you will see the following status:


Sometimes the GPS Tracker is not getting a strong  GPS signal right away. Until a proper connection can be established you will see that it is searching for a GPS signal:


Once a proper connection has been established the Track will be visualized on the map:


The image of your pet will get a red circle while the Live Tracking is enabled:


When you manually deactivate the Live Tracking the command will also be sent via the cell networks to your Tractive GPS Tracker. You will see the "Stopping Live Tracking" status until the Live Mode has been deactivated by the device.