My tracker is not connected (not reporting).

Do you see the red status NOT REPORTING or NOT CONNECTED? In this case, some factor is preventing the Tractive GPS tracker from communicating with the app. This status serves as a warning - you may not be able to track your pet unless some action is taken.

For that reason and for best results, Tractive recommends opening the app to check that the device is reporting/connected as soon as you attach the GPS tracker to your furry friend. 

Additionally, please ensure that you have the latest version of the Tractive GPS app for Android and iOS devices installed and update the app as necessary to ensure you'll see the most accurate and up-to-date information available about your GPS tracker.



Possible reasons why your Tractive GPS is not connected (not reporting):

The following is a list of the most probable reasons why your GPS tracking device is not connected/reporting. Please follow the recommended tips to get your tracker reporting again.

The tracker is turned off. If the device is in your reach, ensure that it is powered on.

The tracker is out of battery (under 5%). Check the battery status in the app or charge your GPS tracker.

Your mobile phone, tablet, or computer does not have an active internet connection. Double check your mobile data or wifi connection. 

Tractive GPS DOG, Tractive IKATI, Tractive GPS CAT trackers only: the battery is disconnected from the tracker. Please ensure that the tracker is firmly attached to the battery at the two connection points.


The tracker has no network connection. This might be the issue if the tracker is in an area with a weak or no mobile network signal, or if you recently started using the device in a new location or country. 


Reason unknownThe tracker might be damaged, faulty, or encountering an unknown error. In this case, please submit a request for assistance. The Tractive Customer Service team will be able to determine if the device must be repaired or replaced. We'll provide you with immediate support to get you tracking again.


Other helpful tips:

  • Update/restart the Tractive GPS mobile app.
  • Turn the tracker off and on again.
  • Tractive GPS DOG, Tractive IKATI, Tractive GPS CAT trackers only: remove and reattach the battery from the tracker.
  • Go outside with the tracker and activate LIVE Tracking.

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