My GPS Tracker is not connecting - What can I do?

We put together all the red status updates and information with possible reasons for connectivity troubles. You can also find tips and tricks on how to re-establish a new connection.

How you can see if there's a connectivity problem:

First of all you will notice that the header containing the Name (Tracker ID) and buttons appear red. The status field beneath the name will give you a short idea of what's happening.


In addition to the red status field there will be a red_status_15.png red exclamation mark at the bottom of your screen.
You'll receive additional information when selecting that button.

No Service:


Most of the time you'll see this status message your Tracker's service has recently expired.

  • Did you end your service manually?
  • Have you received a new credit card? (New CV and expire date)
  • Did you end the debit order?
  • Did you end the Paypal billing agreement?

In any of those cases you'll need to run through the activation process again:

Not Reporting:

This status can have different meanings which is why you need to tap red_status_15.png to get further information.
There are two possible reasons why this status is shown. Either your smartphone or your Tracker has troubles connecting to the Tractive infrastructure.

In case your Tracker has troubles connection to our servers it can neither send location information nor receive commands (Live Tracking, Light).


When you open up the details you will be shown the last battery status and when the last location was logged.

Possible reasons are:

  • Your Tracker was turned off
  • Your Tracker has run out of battery
  • Your Tracker is in an area with limited cell network coverage
  • Your local cell network operator is having network troubles
  • Your Tracker's hardware is failing

Please make sure that your device is turned on fully charged and ready before you attach it to your pet's collar. 

If your tracker is located in an area without or limited coverage you can use the location history to view the most recent spots.

Contact our Service Team in case you need further help or believe your device is broken.

In case your smartphone has no internet connection you will see a similar status message. The main difference is that the buttons for Live Tracking, light and the location history are greyed out. The detailed status message will tell you that the connection to our servers has failed.


  • Make sure that you have an internet connection either with your cell network provider or via WiFi.
    • Be sure to activate cellular data (Be aware of additional charges when abroad)
    • Check if your WiFi is enabled and that you're connected to a network with Internet access
  • Visit or any other website with your browser to check if your Internet connection is working.