Tractive MOTION Troubleshooting Guide

Note: This article applies only to devices compatible with the Tractive MOTION app: the Tractive MOTION and Tractive GPS 2.

In case you're having trouble using the Tractive MOTION app:

  1. Read all about the MOTION device, then check out our troubleshooting tips below.
  2. In case that does not solve the issue, please contact Tractive Customer Service for support.
  3. Please note, that the Tractive MOTION device and app, as well as the Tractive GPS 2, have been deprecated as we focus on creating the world's best GPS trackers for cats and dogs. You may consider upgrading to one of the Tractive GPS trackers which also feature Activity Monitoring. Existing MOTION users may be eligible for a special upgrade offer on the new GPS trackers; contact our team for more information.


The MOTION or Tractive GPS 2 device is not syncing or connecting to the MOTION app.

There can be a few reasons why the MOTION or GPS 2 device won't sync to your MOTION app. Please follow the instructions below in case you are experiencing synchronization problems.


General Troubleshooting

Make sure that you have enabled the Bluetooth function on your smartphone and check to see that your phone is compatible with the MOTION device. Ensure that the device is charged.

The MOTION is designed to sync with only one device at a time. Please make sure that you are not logged in with your account on a second smartphone or tablet. If that is the case, make sure that only one device is in Bluetooth range or logout on all other devices.

When the GPS 2 is only syncing in Basic Mode or when it's currently not performing any other background task, make sure to that the LIVE Tracking mode is not active. Then you'll need to wait a few moments for the sync to start. 

If you recently performed a system reset of your MOTION device it needs to be paired again with the MOTION app.

When the sync does not automatically start, you can try to trigger a manual synchronization. 

  • iOS users: Tap the little paw on the home screen next the pet points.
  • Android users: Swipe down from the top 

You can easily check whether your smartphone has trouble connecting to the device or if the problem is the sync process itself. To do this, simply tap the "Active" circle at least ten times. You will then see 4 new dots on the screen which show the status of the sync. Below is a table of the different sequence of colored dots you may see. 

Meaning  What to do 
searching for tracker Wait for the synchronization to start.
tracker discovered

If the device stays in this state, try to turn off Bluetooth for a few seconds.
Turn it on again and try to perform another sync.

tracker discovered but not paired  Contact Service Team.
tracker connected  -
tracker is syncing  -
tracker synced successful
tracker failed to sync  Try to trigger a manual sync.

Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) does not need to a Bluetooth pairing. Make sure that your MOTION or GPS 2 device is not paired in the system settings. A manual pair will result in syncing problems. You will need to remove the pairing on your Android device in case you set it up.

In case the MOTION device is still not syncing try the following:

  • Activate the airplane mode on your smartphone
  • Activate Bluetooth but do not turn off the airplane mode
  • Open up your MOTION app and try to sync manually

After a successful synchronization you can disable the airplane mode again

On a Windows phone the MOTION needs to be paired in the system settings of your smartphone.
Once the devices are paired the sync should work.

If that's not the case try to disable Bluetooth for a few seconds and enable it afterwards again.


The MOTION display remains black although I press the hardware button, what can I do?

An empty battery could be a possible reason. Charge the Tractive MOTION device as usual. The charging symbol will appear. If you cannot see the charging symbol and the display is still black, press the reset button on the back of your device. Open the Tractive MOTION app and the device will connect to your app again.


How can I reset Tractive MOTION to the shipping mode?

Press the main button of your Tractive MOTION device and hold it. Briefly press the reset button on the back of the device, while still keeping the main button pressed. The display should turn white for a few seconds. Wait until the MOTION vibrates and switches off. Afterwards you can let go of the main button.

The device is successfully reset to shipping mode if you briefly press the main button and the display stays black. You can switch the MOTION back on by pressing the main button and holding it for a few seconds.


In case you're still experiencing troubles regarding with the MOTION app, contact the Tractive Customer Service team.

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