Why is my phone's GPS more accurate than the GPS Tracker's?


Route recording and differences to smartphones and navigation systems

Modern smartphones use a combination of GPS, cell networks, Bluetooth, and large databases of WLAN networks to determine location. To use these databases, Google and Apple collect a huge amount of user data. Tractive GPS doesn't collect any such user data and only makes use of GPS and cell network signals to locate your pet.

Automotive navigation systems are optimized for street navigation. Imprecise positions away from roads are corrected automatically to match with the street map. This leads to more accurate route recordings. Since pets frequently travel away from roads, a similar route optimization isn't possible for pet trackers.

Smartphones and navigation systems show the GPS positions directly on the built-in display. Pet trackers need to transmit the GPS data to the smartphone of the pet owner before it can be displayed. Because this requires a lot of energy, it can only be done in certain time intervals. Individual position updates are then connected by straight lines in the location history, which can result in routes that don't quite match up with the actual path taken. To get more accurate GPS recordings, you can activate LIVE-Tracking.