Why do I need Bluetooth to use my tracker?

To ensure the best tracking experience and to fully utilize all the features of your Tractive GPS tracker, we recommend keeping Bluetooth enabled on your cell phone. This will enable you to get the most out of your tracker and all its capabilities!

By keeping Bluetooth on, you can take advantage of the following benefits:


🛰️ Enhanced tracking accuracy

Bluetooth enhances position accuracy by utilizing your phone’s built-in GPS receiver. This means the tracker can still update its position in areas with poor cell coverage and GPS availability (as long as the phone is near your tracker), leading to a more precise and accurate tracking experience.  


📱 Faster software updates

To give you the best experience possible, we release regular software updates for your tracker. With Bluetooth switched on, you’ll receive these updates via a pop-up message in the app and can quickly and easily update your tracker there. If you keep being prompted to update your tracker, please see the article linked here. 


🔎 Radar mode

Radar mode allows you to make use of your phone or tablet's Bluetooth proximity feature to see if you are getting closer to or moving further from your pet when both devices are within Bluetooth range of each other. This can help you to locate your pet indoors or in an area where GPS accuracy may be decreased due to tall buildings, forests, or weather (GPS interference). Read more about Radar mode here.


💤 Wellness Monitoring

Bluetooth is used to synchronize your pet's activity and sleep data from the tracker to your phone, enabling you to regularly monitor their movement and sleep patterns in the app. Read more about Wellness Monitoring here.


Please do not pair the tracker with your phone in your phone's Bluetooth settings, as this can interfere with the communication.

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